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Real Indian

Education & Children

Those who do something extraordinary are called superman. But, have you ever met a superman in your real life? Well here are the real Superman of our nation. They are ordinary people who made extraordinary changes to our society.

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Name :Sindhutai Sapkal

Education & Children

Description :Sindhutai Sapkal is a mother to over a 1000 orphaned children in Pune. Married off at the age of 10 to an abusive husband, Sindhubai and her young daughter were... View Details

Name :Sandeep Manohar Desai

Education & Children

Description :A former marine engineer and a professor at a reputed management institute in Mumbai, Desai can often be seen in local trains with a begging bowl in his hand. H... View Details

Name :Irfana Ismail Mujawar

Education & Children

Description :A teacher by profession, Irfana was disturbed that her school provided scholarships only to Muslim Shia students. She decided to start a school with her colleag... View Details

Name :Dubhil Vechanbhai Movasiyabhai

Education & Children

Description :A journey changed the course of Vechan Bhil's life.It all started with a bus ride when he gave 10 rupees to the conductor for an eight rupee ticket and then ask... View Details

Name :Armene Modi

Education & Children

Description :Armene Modi set up a foundation that provides bicycles to girls in a village where the school is a distance away. This has resulted in more than 450 girls getti... View Details