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Real Indian

Helth & Disability

Those who do something extraordinary are called superman. But, have you ever met a superman in your real life? Well here are the real Superman of our nation. They are ordinary people who made extraordinary changes to our society.

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Name :Swagat Thorat

Health & Disability

Description :45 year old wildlife photographer, Swagat takes out India's first Braille newspaper for the visually blind. Published twice a month, Sparshdyan or knowledge by ... View Details

Name :Dr Subroto Das

Health & Disability

Description :'SOS angel' for road accident victims After surviving a car crash, Dr. Subroto Das set up an NGO that works with existing resources to optimise medical respo... View Details

Name :DR SHRIDHAR CHIPLUNKAR, M.D., D.P.T., B.M.Tech., F.S.S.(Sports Medicine), Schroth& BSPTS Certified Therapist
Consultant in Body Posture and Body Ergonomics

Health & Disability

Description :Dr. Shridhar Chiplunkar is working extensively for more than 17 years of pioneering recovery approaches which do not require surgery. This is done by relying on... View Details