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Real Indian

Social Welfair

Those who do something extraordinary are called superman. But, have you ever met a superman in your real life? Well here are the real Superman of our nation. They are ordinary people who made extraordinary changes to our society.

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Name :Sister Mariola

Social Welfare

Description :Sister Mariola is the only connect that inmates at the Ajmer Jail have with the outside world. She is their messenger, their guide and a friend they can open up... View Details

Name :Bharat Patel

Social Welfare

Description :Bharat Patel has been working for the rights of the fishermen community of Kutch for the past 10 years. The community was burdened by debt when Bharatbhai first... View Details

Name :Hirbaiben Ibrahimbhai Lobi

Social Welfare

Description :Hirbaiben Ibrahimbhai Lobi is a true grass root entrepreneur. She comes from a tribal clan, the Siddi community that has lived with meager resources and no real... View Details

Name :Hemant Patel

Social Welfare

Description :Hemant and his group of friends from Ahmedabad, run a tiffin service. They provide free and quality food to families of patients in government hospitals and slu... View Details

Name :Nisheeth Mehta

Social Welfare

Description :Nisheeth Mehta is a businessman with a difference. 80% of employees in his Bhavnagar factory are disabled. In their disability he sees capability. Nisheeth Meht... View Details

Name :Haneef Lakdawala

Social Welfare

Description :Haneef hits communal divide for a six in Naroda Patia From cricket to healthcare, this social worker makes people of different communities come together. In ... View Details