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Real Indian

Real Youth

Those who do something extraordinary are called superman. But, have you ever met a superman in your real life? Well here are the real Superman of our nation. They are ordinary people who made extraordinary changes to our society.

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Name :Nilesh Gaonkar

Real Youth

Description :Nilesh Gaonkar took on the mining mafia near his village Carem in Goa. In just one year five mining companies had destroyed the natural nallahs, the only source... View Details

Name :Mittal Patel

Real Youth

Description :For more than 300 nomadic communities of Gujarat, Mittal Patel is a God send. Just 30 years old, this former journalism student has been working for the past fi... View Details

Name :Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Real Youth

Description :Vijaylaxmi was a child bride who refused to marry. Resident of Paghi village in Rajasthan, she was forced to marry young. She took on her family and relatives. ... View Details

Name :Ashok Rathod

Real Youth

Description :For the slum children of Baba Ambedkar Nagar in Mumbai, 20-year-old Ashok Rathod is a Real Hero. He has used football to wean them away from drugs and abuse and... View Details