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Real Indian

Those who do something extraordinary are called superman. But, have you ever met a superman in your real life? Well here are the real Superman of our nation. They are ordinary people who made extraordinary changes to our society.

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Name :Girish Mahadev Kulkarni

Womens Life

Description :A professor in a local college, Girish had grown up seeing mushrooming brothels across Ahmednagar. He set up Snehalaya 30 years ago and started visiting the bro... View Details

Name :Amirbi Sikander Sheikh

Womens Life

Description :Amirbi is a madame who runs a brothel at the Swaroop Talkies area in Sangli, Maharashtra. The red light area has the second highest number of HIV/AIDS patients ... View Details

Name :Anson Thomas

Womens Life

Description :Anson has dedicated his life to helping young girls who fall prey to prostitution. He has worked extensively in the red light areas of Mumbai and helped rescue ... View Details

Name :Nishtha Desai

Womens Life

Description :Woman takes on fight against paedophiles in Goa CRG, an NGO in Goa, works to save children from becoming victims of paedophilia and child abuse. They works w... View Details

Name :Sushma Iyengar

Womens Life

Description :Woman empowers Kutch artists She started the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sanghtan to improve the lot of women in Kutch. From reproductive rights to elevating women fr... View Details