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Hirbaiben Ibrahimbhai Lobi

Social Welfare

Hirbaiben Ibrahimbhai Lobi is a true grass root entrepreneur. She comes from a tribal clan, the Siddi community that has lived with meager resources and no real opportunity. Hirbai decided to change all of that. She took a loan to start an organic compost farm and employed women of her community. In no time the women of Jambur village were on their feet. Hirbai was determined she had to improve the condition of her people, with a radio by her side. She got the tribals to take tips on scientific ways of farming. She then set up a kindergarten school and is now aiming for a high school and college for the children of the area.

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Number : +91 9913044843

Address : "Mannat" At - Village jambur,
Taluka Talala Distt. Junagadh
362150 Gujarat