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Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Real Youth

Vijaylaxmi was a child bride who refused to marry. Resident of Paghi village in Rajasthan, she was forced to marry young. She took on her family and relatives. Not only did she successfully resist the marriage but also fought her way through studying further. She also dissuaded the parents of other minor girls in the village from getting them married. With the help of a local NGO she has succeeded in getting the parents of married minor girls, to postpone their 'vidai' until they turn 18. At 22, Vijaylaxmi is now doing her MA and preparing for her B.Ed. She wants to be a teacher and continue with her work in her village

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Number : +91 9828617140

Address : Gram Jhodinda, Bhojpura Phagi,
District - Jaipur 303005