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Real Indian Movement

REAL INDIAN is not just another movement. It is an opportunity to connect Bharat and India in a spirit of positive energy. It is an effort to bring together these wonderful individuals and create a movement for transforming society.

Every Corporate world Employee or enterprisers wants to do something for society, but we know they don’t get time from busy schedule, So Hrushikesh Foundation Presents My Sparsh bring one opportunity to corporate world, Every Employee can Donate 10 To 5000 per month from their salary to My SPARSH Real Indians.

"By Ordinary for Ordinary for extra Ordinary Service"

My Nation Is My Pride on Facebook.

"My Nation is My Pride : INDIA"

Mother’s love and affection is the sweetest thing in the world because it is the only unselfish thing in the world. It demands nothing, but one has duties to fulfil

India is known for its large biodiversity and cultural diversities. Since many centuries this country has faced countless threats but unity of its people never let it fall before anyone. In this exotic country we have the beauty of TAJMAHAL, purity of GANGA, coolness of HIMALAYA and endless cultural opportunities to explore. People of countless religions live together in this largest democracy and still we are secular.

Since our independence we have faced more challenges then anyone else. Poverty, poor execution of plans, non-availability of resources, corruption and most important OUR DERELICTION OF OUR DUTIES.

Appeal to all of You Indian :

Our country is destined to lead the world backed by our spiritual strength.

We are from the land which gave the world Aryabhat, C.V Raman, Hargobind Khurana, S. Chandrashekhar, Rabindrnath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandr Bose and many more. These are the people who changed the world around them, now its time for YOUTH OF INDIA to show their true potential to the world. The change begins at home and we will bring the change.

We require is a Platform where we can shape our thoughts and Ideas into action, we call this Platform as the " My Nation is My Pride ".

Please join this fan page of " My Nation is My Pride " and suggest all your dear friends to join this page.

To suggest or invite , please click on the link below the profile picture of this fan page named " Suggest To Friends " .

We would like to bring all FANS OF INDIA under one roof.

Please support and extend your helping hand to make India to Perfect India through " My Nation is My Pride ".

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