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Arpit Kuche

“It is nice to know about your website, it will surely help Real Indian to get assistance for doing good work”.

Kushal Dhole

Thank you for the good work you are doing and this vision to a better world for everyone. You are the secret that most people have not discovered but I feel it is now reaching to global community and the site is very good for people looking to bring change to community they live in. Thank you again.

Vittalrao Solwalkar

“I want to thank you for your good work. It is of great help to Real Indian like us. I hope you continue to provide this much needed service. Thank you once again.”

Devidas Kohale

Very good experience seeing a project is actually the only motivator to be a supporter.

Vaishali Jawanjal

My Sparsh is doing a very good work. On a visit to their web-site , I was amazed at the difference My Sparsh is making by supporting & monitoring smaller NGOs, who might find it difficult to raise funds themselves. By donating to My Sparsh, I feel assured that my money is being deployed where it is needed.

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